epic100 hangs after some time

Administrador maac_@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 10 11:28:55 1999

Hi, i'm having the same short of problem that Terry.
After two days running with a new SMC 9432TX card it hung with the following error messages:
At /var/log/debug:
Mar 10 16:06:46 linux kernel: eth0: Restarting the EPIC chip, Rx 3337639/3337639 Tx 3454671/3454686.
Mar 10 16:06:46 linux kernel: eth0: epic_restart() done, cmd status 000a, ctl 0512 interrupt 248000.

At console:
eth0: Transmit timeout using MII device, Tx status 0001.
eth0: Tx hung, 3454686 vs. 3454671.

It solved doing ifconfig down and then up.

> Terry Barnaby (terry@beam.demon.co.uk)
> Wed, 03 Mar 1999 11:52:36 +0000
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> Subject: Network locking up with SMC EPIC/100 Ethernet cards
> On in depth driver testing it was found that the 83C171 stops running
> the transmit ring queue. There are two entries in the transmit queue with the
> ring status fields set to: 0x6003 and 0x8000. The chip will restart on
> setting the TXQUEUED bit high. Quite often the fault will not occur for some
> time (2mins) and then repeatibly fail every second for a period.
> I believe we have tracked down this problem. It appears to be a race hazard in
> setting the transmit ring buffers status register to setting the TXQUEUED bit.

Miguel Angel Alvarez

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