System hang with SMC EtherPower II and epic100 driver

Jonathan B. Bayer
Fri Jul 2 13:40:30 1999



I need some help.  I am setting up a small file server which is running
Samba, but Samba is not the problem. The system is an old Micron
Pentium 133 with 32 meg of memory.

OS is Red Hat 6.0

I got everything installed and working, and then hooked it up to my
network. The network has the following systems:

P-II 500 Mhz running either Windows NT or Windows-98 (dual boot). It
has 128 meg of memory, and has an EtherPower II installed.
Cyrix P166+, running either Windows NT or Windows 95. This has a 10
megabit network card installed.
A Linksys (?) hub which automatically adjusts and converts between
10baseT and 100baseT.

When I installed the linux box on the network everything seemed to work
fine. At first I was using the stock epic100.o which comes with RedHat.
I was able to ping all systems from all systems. However, after a few
minutes the linux box froze solid. I did some work, and finally removed
the network board and put in an older SMC board, updated the
configuration and everything was fine. As part of my work I got the
latest epic100.c (version 1.06), compiled it and replaced the stock
epic100.o with the new version. Unfortunately, the system hangs kept

I really need this server to be running at 100 megabits, and really
need some help to get this resolved.

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan Bayer

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