Will this card work ?

Georg Oehl oehl@pobox.com
Thu Feb 18 05:55:06 1999

Hi list,

I am sorry if this is not quite the right place for posting this question.
If anyone knows a better place to ask this, please tell me !

Anyway, I am trying to get a Cogent (aka Adaptec) EM110 TX ISA 10/100 Fast
Ethernet card to work on a Linux 2.0.36 system (latest German SuSE 6.0
distribution). The computer is a 486 with EISA slots.

The Ethernet card has one chip labelled "SMC Feast 91C100QF P" and another
(smaller) chip labelled "SMC 83C110QF P".

When I install any of the SMC drivers (SMC Ultra, SMC Ultra32 or SMC
9194) I keep getting error messages like "SIOCSIFBRDADDR: operation not
supported by device" on boot up. Hence, the card is not installed. In
fact, I have tried all drivers available and always get the same error

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ? Is there a driver that'll work
with my setup ?



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