Networking dropping and CDrecord

Karl Bellve, Ph.D.
Tue Feb 16 10:47:49 1999

I have found a problem with my Etherpower II and the epic100 drive. I
believe I am using version 0.98b that came with RH 5.2. If I burn a CD,
using CDRecord, I can lose the network on the linux box. If I ping the
linux box during the burn, I will always lose the network on the linux
box. I can restart the network on the linux box and that fixes it. 

I noticed that epic100 1.06 is out but I come up with tons of errors
when I compile version 1.04 for linking it into the kernal as a module.
I haven't tried compiling 1.06 yet. 

my first error is on line 168:
Parse error before 'u16'
warning: no semicolon at the end of the struct or union

line 172:
parse error before '}'

K6-2 333
128MB ram
RH5.2, 2.0.36
SMC Etherpower II
Advansys SCSI controller
Yamaha CDR


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