1) two cards 2) remote wake on LAN

Martin Hoffmann hoffmann@morgaine.biologie.uni-jena.de
Mon Aug 16 16:21:22 1999

Hi everybody,

the server=router of our Linux cluster is equipped with a
NE2000-PCI clone (external, coax 10 MBit, eth0) and a SMC
9432TX/MP EtherPower II card (internal, TP 100 MBit, eth1). 
We have the somewhat academic problem of the internel network
not running every, say, 4th to 7th reboot. First ping sends some
packages very quickly, however, without response. Then
sometimes even a hard reset is needed.

For the cluster-nodes having only one card everything works fine. 
So this might be specific for the presence of 2 cards. The card is
recognized even in the case of a breakdown - everything seems to
be quite normal (however, I did not perform any detailed
diagnostics, just the bootmessages and /proc-files, Kernel 2.2.3,
epic100 v1.06 I suppose (SuSE 6.1, 4.99)).

The second problem is related the remote wake on LAN capabilities
of the SMC 9432TX/MP card. In the manual SMC refers to a white paper
on its webside www.smc.com. However, I did not manage to find it
so far (maybe it's just my problem). Also, SMC did not answer my email
request for several weeks now. So, does anyone know anything about how
to make use of the remote wake on LAN capabilities - especially under
Linux ?    
Thanks for any hint. So long.


        ,,,         Martin Hoffmann
       (. .)        Institut fuer Biochemie und Biophysik 
 ---o00-(_)-00o---  Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet, Jena, Germany 
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