What does windows 98 to the SMC etherpower II ?

Schroeter Matthias.Schroeter@Physik.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Mon Nov 30 09:08:14 1998

My problem: booting our PII equiped with an Etherpower II card from a
bootdisk works fine (Kernel 2.0.35 / Suse 5.3). As lilo can't be installed
any more, I tried it with loadlin. Everything works, except the network:

setting up network device
/lib/mod/epic.100.o: init_module: Decice or resource busy
The PCI BIOS has not enabled ethernet device 10b8 - 0005.
Updating PCI command 0000 -> 0005.

Which seems to help nothing.
The BIOS assigns IRQ 11 to the card and the Systeminfo of Windows 98
claims not to change this. 
Any ideas or help is appreciated.
Many thanks 
                             Matthias Schroeter

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