2.0.36 and my Etherpower II / BNC

Florian Kusche florian.kusche@student.uni-ulm.de
Sat Nov 28 11:26:19 1998


Today, I upgraded to kernel 2.0.36. After that, my SMC 9432 BTX didn't work
anymore. (ping, for example, didn't get any replies) After some testing, I
found out, that changing TX_FIFO_THRESH from 256 to 128 solves the problem. I
don't know what this does, however it works :-)))

By the way:
http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/epic100.html says:

 options    int[]       The media type override and card operation settings.
                        (See below.)  Add 16 or 0x10 for full duplex.

But the settings are *not* described below (or anywhere else)... or did I
miss something?

cu, flo
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