[eepro100] problems with newer version....

Andrew Donehue andrew@donehue.net
Wed Jan 29 07:32:02 2003

Hi all,
           I am a debian user, and have been using eepro100 cards for a 
while (due to quality).  I have recently noticed the cards have changed 
- and I believe I have a 100 VE model card.  I was running turbolinux 
before, and could compile the linux drivers from the intel site - but 
now with a 2.4.18 kernel on debian (woody) - I am having trouble... so I 
searched and found this mailing list :)

Anyhow - the problem is when I try to compile the module I get

" /linux/modversions.h : No such file or directory"

I saw a note "If you get a "modversions.h not found" message when 
compiling the driver, delete '-DMODVERSIONS' from the command used to 
compile the driver module. "

on http://www.scyld.com/expert/modules.html

but I didn't use that flag in the compile in the first place :(

Any suggestions?? I have also read some place that these cards are very 
similiar to the previous ones, they just don't get recognised - and it 
is possible to fiddle with the hardware registry somehow and this will 
also work? - Any truth to this?

             Andrew Donehue
             Australia :)