[eepro100] Re: eepro100 works with pci io or pci mem addresses..?

Ashish anand ashish.anand@inspiretech.com
Mon Feb 24 06:16:00 2003

I haven't got any clear guideline in case of intel 82557-9 cards whther
one should use pci io or mem window or one can use both.

I have following problem with eepro100 82559 card.

1.if i use pci io address ( BAR1) then my mac address 
read is AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA .

2.if i use pci mem (BAR0) then it read MAC address correctly and
  self test passes.
  eth0: PCI device 8086:1229, 00:02:B3:26:16:97, IRQ 1.
  Board assembly 721383-016, Physical connectors present: RJ45
  Primary interface chip i82555 PHY #1.
  General self-test: passed.
  Serial sub-system self-test: passed.
  Internal registers self-test: passed.
  ROM checksum self-test: passed (0x8b51f40)

but using ifconfig or ping results in repeated 
wait_for_cmd_done timeout.

Now as i hack after i read MAC address in my driver using PCI mem (BAR0)
and after it reads MAC address i again assign ioaddr to BAR1 (PCI IO
address) now i don't experience any wait_for_cmd_done timeout problem.

offcourse card still doesn't work because i have to fix the IRQ
but why it behaves differently for pci io or pci mem addresses.

Best Regards,