[eepro100] Intel Ethernet card on Linux woes

Nikhil Deo nikhil_deo@usa.net
Thu Sep 12 12:12:02 2002

I have a system running RH7.2 that has 10/100 Intel® Pro integrated network
I have been trying to bring that up under Linux for quite some time now ( I am
about to give up)

First of all, I hope eepro100/e100 is the right driver for this card. I forgot
where I had seen that info. 

insmod fails with a init_module: No such device 

I had found out that the IO of the card is 0xd000 and then also tried putting
the line options eepro io=0xd000 after the alias eth0 eepro in the
modules.conf file. I also tried telling explicitely to use IRQ 10. 
I also tried an 'autodetect=1' 

In one of the combinations I also had the following messages in dmesg
eepro_init_module: Probe is very dangerous in ISA cards
eepro_init_module: Please add "autodetect=1"

Any help will be greatly appreciated.