[eepro100] Apologies for the recent scam letters

David T-G davidtg@justpickone.org
Fri Oct 4 15:44:46 2002

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John, et al --

=2E..and then John Madden said...
% >> considered using SpamAssassin, which does an excellent job of catching
% >> this and much other spam?
% >
% > But it doesn't hook into the Mailman list management system.  I have a

% > moderation where I can mark all thirty copies, sent to the thirty
% > lists, as rejected on one web page.  Third is editing the settings for
% > all lists at one -- right now I have to edit the filter rules one at a
% > time.
% Maybe I should've sent my spamassassin suggestion to the list as well.=20

*grin*   I, too, didn't want to bog down the list, but I gambled that
helping the list as a whole would be worth it.

% Anyway, it doesn't have to plug into the mailman list "management" system
% (ugh, mailman kinda bites), just have procmail deliver to mailman.  In


% your aliases, instead of:
% eepro100: "|/usr/bin/mailman -s eepro100" (or whatever the syntax is)
% do:
% eepro100: "|/usr/bin/procmail"


% and have your procmail recipe pipe to the appropriate list.  It may be
% easier to turn each mailing list into its own mailbox so you can get a
% separate .procmailrc (and thus a separate, per-list pipe).

Sounds like a good idea...

% --=20
% John Madden
% UNIX Systems Engineer
% Ivy Tech State College
% jmadden@ivytech.edu


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