[eepro100] Apologies for the recent scam letters

John Madden jmadden@ivytech.edu
Fri Oct 4 14:46:17 2002

>>  Have you also
>> considered using SpamAssassin, which does an excellent job of catching
>> this and much other spam?
> But it doesn't hook into the Mailman list management system.  I have a
> wishlist for Mailman, and this is at the top.  Second is unified
> moderation where I can mark all thirty copies, sent to the thirty
> lists, as rejected on one web page.  Third is editing the settings for
> all lists at one -- right now I have to edit the filter rules one at a
> time.

Maybe I should've sent my spamassassin suggestion to the list as well. 
Anyway, it doesn't have to plug into the mailman list "management" system
(ugh, mailman kinda bites), just have procmail deliver to mailman.  In
your aliases, instead of:
eepro100: "|/usr/bin/mailman -s eepro100" (or whatever the syntax is)


eepro100: "|/usr/bin/procmail"

and have your procmail recipe pipe to the appropriate list.  It may be
easier to turn each mailing list into its own mailbox so you can get a
separate .procmailrc (and thus a separate, per-list pipe).

John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College