[eepro100] eepro100 Performance

Bergs flygong@yahoo.com
Thu Mar 21 23:59:20 2002

Hello Sir:

 Sorry for I abort your work.

 I find what you say in following text.
 Now the same problem puzzle me.I want to improve the
IP throughput of linux firewall that run a 2.2.14
 I use 3 intel 82559 ethernet chip in my linux box.I
have tested performance of this linux box by device
IXIA.But get a very bad result.
 To me supprise,when the ip packet size is about
512B,I get the best test result. The bigger or smaller
than 512B,the low throughput I get.
 I think maybe I can do something on ethernet driver.
I donn't know which driver I should select between
e100 of intel and eepro100.
 May you give some advice ?

      Thanks a lot .

Well try connecting more then one card(NIC), I
connected 4 NIC's and got 400Mbps throughput (in and
out), that means that the pci-bus and the driver
handled 800Mbps, 400Mbps receive and 400Mbps transmit,
off course I used 66/64 pci-bus.
If you do not know what is ixia try looking at their
Any more silly questions any one?.

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