[eepro100] freeze

Patrick Cipiere Patrick.Cipiere@udcast.com
Thu Jul 18 08:26:00 2002

We are using a lot of motherboards manufactured by MSI with an
on-board Intel ethernet chip (driven by eepro100 with Linux and if_fxp
with FreeBSD)

Around January 2002 we started receiving new platforms, which showed a
problem when rebooted.
The symptom is very simple: after the reboot/initialisation of the
card it is able to send packets, but does not receive any packet.
Rebooting, disconnecting the RJ45, power down with the switch does not
change the behaviour.
The only way to reset the chip is to unplug the power plug for a few
seconds (~ 20 seconds).

I can add some information about the motherboards that work and
those who do not work

Work fine:
    - MS6209 with Intel 82559
    - MS6315 with Intel 82652 (DA 82652 EM)
                               serial L1428A03
    - MS6215 with Intel 82652 (DA 82652 EM)
                               serial L1408A05
                               serial L1428A04
    - MS6215 with Intel 82652 (DA 82652 EM)
                               serial L1475A12

Has anyone experiencing the same problem?
Any work-around?

Any information will be very much appreciated,
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