[eepro100] PC with Intel D845BG motherboard hangs up

Lucian Daniel Kafka luci@conexim.com.au
Fri Jul 12 23:04:03 2002

I had the same problem using an Intel motherboard with an on-board ethernet 
controller: Intel Corp. 82820 (ICH2) Chipset Ethernet Controller (rev 3) - 
and solved it with the e100 driver.

I would really like to see kernel support for this adapter - especially 
that is quite hard to do remote kernel upgrades when you have to use an 
external network module.

If a new version of the driver is released - can you please confirm that it 
supports the problematic chipsets reported, so we can use it in the 
production systems.



At 08:35 PM 7/12/02 -0700, H&G wrote:
>I recently bought a vpr Matrix 2020 PC. It has an Intel D845BG motherboard
>(i845D chipset) with an onboard 82562 NIC. It runs Red Hat 7.3.
>When booting, the message "network: Bringing up interface eth0" seems fine
>(I subscribed to a DSL access with Qwest+MSN, don't blame me !)
>But after a while, the whole system hangs up and the only thing I can do 
>is to restart
>the machine. It took me a long time to came to that conclusion, but now 
>I'm quite
>sure that the problem was related to the "eepro100" driver included in the
>2.4.18-5 Red Hat kernel.
>First I tried to download and compile the 2.4.19-rc1 kernel but it didn't 
>anything (maybe I was able to work a little longer before the system hangs 
>Did I miss something when I configured my 2.4.19-rc1 kernel?
>Is there a patch somewhere for the "eepro100" driver? (No one is mentionned on
>Then I browsed the web to get some info about the "eepro100" driver and in
>the "eepro100 mailing list Archives" I found people who seemed to have 
>this problem by using the Intel "e100" driver.
>So I did the same and now everything works fine.
>Now I'm just curious to know if other people still have problems when 
>trying to run
>their 82562 NIC with the "eepro100" driver?
>And if it's a "eepro100" related problem, what can I do to help? Will the 
>2.4.19 kernel include a "eepro100" driver that fully support the 82562 NIC?
>I would really prefer to use the GPL'd driver rather than the proprietary 
>eepro100 mailing list

Kind regards,

Lucian Kafka