[eepro100] experience with iANS and FEC

Schlomo Schapiro schapiro@mobileye.com
Tue Jan 1 04:22:00 2002


I am looking for people who successfully set up FEC with iANS and the e100
driver. Couldn't find anything useful on google except this list. I saw
plenty of e100 related messages in the archive so I assume that it is OK
to talk about the Intel driver here, too.

I got 3 cards (1 Intel 100/Pro S Desktop and 2 Intel 100+ Management) and
a HP ProCurve 4000 switch. I setup ians and the switch to do FEC and all
seems well, I can unplug any of the 3 cables and no traffic is lost (and I
see meaningful and appropriate messages in the syslog). However, I don't
manage to see the tripled bandwith.

I used 3 ways to check myself:
1) SNMP reports from the switch: Never more than 10MB/sec.
2) I copied  data from the server to 3 different clients (each with a
single 100MBit connection) with netcat. The first one gets 10MB/sec, I
start the 2nd client and each gets 5MB/sec, with 3 clients each gets
3) I actually have a *second* server with an identical setup connected to
the same switch. netcatting data between these 2 servers also gives only

Besides proving that my network works very well at 100MB/sec I didn't
manage to get the desired effect of FEC.

Can anybody give me some tips about this topic ? Experience (positive &
negative) ? I would like to find people who did this (preferrably with HP
switches) successfully.

Thank you very much,
S. Schapiro

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