[eepro100] Compaq DL580 dual port nic

Matthew Hall matt@ecsc.co.uk
Fri Aug 16 14:57:10 2002

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(please cc me as i'm not on the list)
(possibly ot)

	I wonder if you guys can help me. I had a strange experience with the
above card a couple of weeks ago when setting up a compaq 2u rack (can't
remember the model) with our linux distro (2.4.18 kernel).
The card was connected to an isp on adsl (static address) and=20
would intermittently drop and re-establish the connection. We dropped
mii-diag on the interface in "--watch", and watched the card drop the
connection and re-establish every 30 seconds (exactly (to millisecond)),
which is pretty crazy (!?!?!?) (and unexplainable). What was stranger
was, that after rebooting the dsl modem, the card started doing it every
4 seconds, then soon went to every 15 seconds (approx). Even when the
card reported to be up we couldn't get any traffic through it.
We eventually swapped the nic for another eepro100 single porter, and it
worked fine....
I have a couple of ideas where the problem may lie, i was just wondering
if any of you have experienced similar troubles and could give a hand
(and a good explanation if so):
1) Buggy bios (apic messages causing misfunction / irq mismapping)
2) Hardware (fscked card / mobo)
3) Driver (this is where youz come in: no ideas)

(NB, the above is in the order of probability, imho)



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