[eepro100] eepro100 - transmit timeout: status e05000c00 at 0/60 command 0001a000

Joel Bogart jbogart@us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 17 17:48:01 2002

We are installing Linux 7.1 on Intellistation 6850-53U.   We have ethernet
eepro100 driver installed.
The machines have a Myrinet card.

We have no trouble building the machines, but when we boot the SMP kernel,
we get the following message :
transmit timeout: status e050 0c00 at 0/60 command 0001a000
When we type in dmesg, we get messages resembling:

eth0:    394     00000001
eth0: l  1023   c0000002

When we boot the UP kernel everything works fine with no transmit
timeouts/dmesg messages.
When we boot the SMP kernel, AFTER REMOVING the Myrinet card,  that the
transmit timeouts and dmesg errors go away.

After downloading, compiling and installing the latest eepro100 driver at
We get these results;
1)  UP boot is fine with no errors.
2)  SMP boot with Myrinet card creates transmit timeouts/dmesg messages,
no network connectivity, and we get the following message:
     IRQ5 is physically blocked.   Failing back to low rate polling.
3)  SMP boot, after removing Myrinet card, is fine with no errors.