[eepro100] v1.15 test driver now available from ftp.scyld.com

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Mon, 21 May 2001 11:20:14 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Tim Cutts wrote:
> For me, on STL2 motherboards, the e100 driver version 1.5.5a on kernel
> 2.2.19 was dreadful.  I've gone back to the eepro100 driver, which
> itself isn't perfect on these new chips.  It definitely seems to depend
> closely on precisely which chip variant you are using as to which driver
> is better.

The v1.15 eepro100.c driver for 2.2 and earlier kernels is now available at

This has been tested on the STL2 motherboard in both PCI memory mapped
and I/O access modes.

Note that you must use the new kern_compat.h file from
and follow the usual directions at

Selected entries from the CVS log:
Transceiver configuration changes:
  Changed the module values for forcing the speed and duplex.
    Use option values 0x20 and 0x200 for forcing full duplex operation.
    Use option values 0x10 and 0x100 for forcing half duplex fixed speed.

  Added code to reset a transceiver left in 10baseT-fixed mode.

  Added a ResetMII chip capability flag, and set it for the 559ER chip.
  This causes the transceiver to be unconditionally reset when the driver
  is loaded.

Changed the product identification
  Added an explicit "i82559 rev 8" entry.
  Changed the way OEM products are identified in the initial message.
  "OEM" is now prefixed to the table name.

Implemented a two stage wait_for_cmd_done(), and a new do_slow_command().
Both warn if the command doesn't finish at the expected time.

Emit a warning for unknown reciever errors.

Add the checksum bit to the configuration command, however the checksum
code is still omitted pended testing.

Changed to netif_*() macros to compile (but perhaps not work) with 2.4
kernel versions.

Added an additional EEPROM delay bus transaction when in memory mapped mode.

The polling code now returns to interrupt driven operation after 10 seconds
of no blocked interrupts.

Moved rx-empty interrupt case code to speedo_intr_error().

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