[eepro100] Re: Integrated Pro/100 on Intel D815EEA

Andrey Savochkin saw@saw.sw.com.sg
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 11:50:45 +0800


On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 03:03:31PM -0800, Ariel Cohen wrote:
> Another issue is that the driver in kernel 2.4.1
> complains about "eth1: card reports no resources" once
> in a while, and the network connectivity becomes
> flaky. I didn't encounter this problem with the driver
> in kernel 2.4.0. Again, this is with the D815EEA
> integrated Pro/100. I know the driver in 2.4.1 is
> patched to solve the "resources" problem, but this
> patch seems to actually produce this problem with the
> D815EEA, while the problem doesn't appear with the
> 2.4.0 driver!

"card reports no resources" message means that the card indicates shortage of
receive buffers.
The fixed problem is a hardware bug showing at the initialization time
and producing the same message as a consequence of the failed initialization.
In your case, the message seems to have its natural original meaning.
The shortage of receive buffers may be caused by
 - a very bursty network traffic (because of designation of the computer or
   character of your network, or, may be, faulty switches)
 - hardware interrupts disabled for too long periods of time
   Check what other hardware and its drivers may cause the interrupts being
   disabled for long time (IDE, video devices/X, USB etc)
You may confirm if the shortage of receive buffers is the reason of the
problem by increasing RX_RING_SIZE in the driver, which should decrease the
frequency of the messages.

Best regards