[eepro100] problem with Debian woody freeze (possibly eepro 100 problem)

Danilo Godec danci@agenda.si
Thu Dec 27 03:15:01 2001

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Donald Becker wrote:

> This detail pretty clearly points to a hardware problem.  A driver
> shouldn't be able to hang the machine in such a way that the power
> switch doesn't work.

Unfortunately, it does. On newer machines you have to press the power
button (it's not a switch!) for 4-5 seconds to power down. But this only
happens when the card is connected to 10Mbps equipement.

> Have you tried any other kernel/driver versions?  Specifically, have you
> tried a released kernel rather than a "pre" kernel?

I have tried every 2.2 kernel since 2.2.14 up to 2.2.20 and (probable)
every update from Scyld ftp site and it has always been the same.