[eepro100] Problems with eepro, plz help.

Nate Amsden subscriptions@graphon.com
Wed Dec 5 13:42:00 2001

DrDeath said:
> ok so u think if i updated from  2.4.15-greased-turkey > 2.4.16 it
> may fix it?
> or the intel drivers?
> only thing im scared of is doing a driver update by remote

ive been watching this list for a year now, and have read
every post to it. though i can't help you directly with
your problem i'll say that almost everyone who has had
a problem most were only able to fix it by doing a lot
of testing. from what ive read theres no 'sure way' to
solve many of these problems. some change network
cards to another intel chipset, some may change to
another vendor, some may try other versions of the driver.
my eepro systems are VERY low bandwidth so thats probably
why i don't experience these problems... my best
suggestion is to change to another NIC(3com 3c905C?)
and see if that helps. or you can keep trying drivers
and driver options until it works(if it ever does).
also get the latest drivers from scyld.com. don't
use the ones in the kernel.

i had a similar problem in a linux machine almost
a year ago, it was on a dual port intel card, the
system would crash every 24 hours.  once i switched
the ethernet interfaces around it was fine and has
run fine ever since.(eth0 traffic became eth1 traffic
and eth1 traffic became eth0 traffic). weird solution
but it worked.

i don't have any systems running in a high bandwidth
enviornment so i can't say with certainty that changing
cards will solve the problem, just another thing to
try. my own personal experience is ive had much less
problems with the 3com cards then with the intel
cards. the biggest problem ive had with 3com cards
in the past is their being slow, on a LAN i could
only get about 5MB/s compared to intel eepro or
realtek 8139 getting 10-11MB/s. not sure if this
has been fixed or if there is a workaround, but
it was better then having the machine crash :)

maybe its the driver..
maybe its the kernel..
maybe its not in a optimal pci slot..
maybe its a bios setting..
maybe its an eeprom setting..
maybe its the chipset on the card..
maybe its the switch that the card is hooked to(or if its a hub)..
maybe its the motherboard...
maybe its the chipset on the motherboard..


Nate Amsden
System Administrator
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