eepro100 timeout error, bug.

Andrey Savochkin
Thu May 11 22:14:18 2000

On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 11:10:36AM -0400, Soohoon Lee wrote:
> As in my patch, original code is 32bit read-modify-write, It was cpu_to_le16
> in 2.2.14.
> Anyway I'm very embarassed, I've found that It's fixed in 2.3.99-pre6.
> I've worked on this problem because somebody complained about this problem.
> And the complainer said he discussed this problem with the driver writer.
> So I thought this problem has been there from long ago to now. But It's not.
> emm....
> Probably It's fixed in 2.3.99-pre6 and not before. I like to belive so.
> Don't tell me the truth if it's not.

There are different clones of the driver.
My clone where the problem is fixed replaced the other clone in mainstream
2.3.99-pre4 kernel.

Well, if you confirm that the 2.3.99-pre6 is fine with regard to alpha
clear_suspend for alpha, it's a kind of a good news for me.
I haven't been sure how 16-bit operations work on alpha.

Best regards
					Andrey V.
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