eepro100 timeout error, bug.

Soohoon Lee
Thu May 11 11:09:28 2000

> > I'm having troble with eepro100 on 2.3.99-prex.

>> Which kernel and driver version you have problem with?

2.3.99-pre3 to be specific. I didn't look at all the versions.

>>You mean that 16-bit write in performed on alpha is performed on alpha via
>>read-modify-write cycle on words of bigger size, and it isn't atomic
>>similar cycle updating other 16-bit component of the same word, don't you?

As in my patch, original code is 32bit read-modify-write, It was cpu_to_le16
in 2.2.14.
Anyway I'm very embarassed, I've found that It's fixed in 2.3.99-pre6.
I've worked on this problem because somebody complained about this problem.
And the complainer said he discussed this problem with the driver writer.
So I thought this problem has been there from long ago to now. But It's not.
Probably It's fixed in 2.3.99-pre6 and not before. I like to belive so.
Don't tell me the truth if it's not.


> > 1221,1223c1221
> > < //                    last_cmd->cmd_status &= cpu_to_le32(~(CmdSuspend
> > | CmdIntr));
> > <                       clear_bit(30, &last_cmd->cmd_status);
> > <                       clear_bit(29, &last_cmd->cmd_status);
> > ---
> > >                       last_cmd->cmd_status &= cpu_to_le32(~(CmdSuspend
> > | CmdIntr));

Could you produce unified diff (diff -u)?

Best regards
					Andrey V.
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