sporadic failures due to cpu power supply

Bernd Stahlbock stahlbock@basysprint.de
Wed May 10 02:49:42 2000

I also had a lot of trouble with our embedded pc boards, which have a
82558 chip onboard. The cards ran good unless the manufacturer changed
the supplied CPU daughterboard from Mobile Pentium II Rev 1 to Rev 2.
Intel made some changes in the core power supply (they use now Analog
Digital chips instead of Semtech as a PWM voltage converter). Since then
we got failures with the boards, sometimes complete reboot or freezing,
but most often it was just a disconection of the TCP sockets that we
were running. If you log into the pc with telnet right after the
failure, everything looks fine...
Our board manufacturer now modifies the Intel CPUs (!) and now they run
well again.


The product tracking code contains some info about the pcb design
Example: PMF36602001AA

Definition:     AA - Processor Module = PM
                    B - Pentium II processor with on-die cache mobile
module MMC-1= F
                    CCC - Speed Identity = 266, 300, 333, 366, 400
                    DD - Cache Size = 02 (256K)
                    EEE - Notifiable Design Revision (Start at 001)
                    FF - Notifiable Processor Revision (Start at AA)

We had the problerms with PMF36602002AA,
PMF36602001AA was ok.

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