More eth devs than eepro100 NIC

Michael Pruznick
Tue May 9 14:57:03 2000

Michael Pruznick wrote:
> I'm running on a 2.2.12 kernel and when I build the driver
> as a module I get eth0 and eth1 only, as expected.  When I
> build it into the kernel I get all these extra devs.  I need
> to mount my root fs via nfs and these extra dev seam to
> kill the kernel in DHCP autoconfig.  I see the same problem
> with 2.2.14.  I removed the structs for eth2 to eth7 from
> Space.c and now I only get eth0 and eth1 and kernel autoconfig
> works and I can mount my root via nfs (eth0) and run data over
> eth1.
> Is this a known problem?  Is there an existing/better fix?
> Thanks,
> Michael

BTW, this system has PMC style PCI slots and I would like to
plug in additional (tulip) ethernet card.  Normally this card
would be eth2.  Also the eepro100 is 0x1209 82559ER.
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