82558 aparantly locking up - how to diagnose?

Eric Jorgensen alhaz@xmission.com
Mon May 8 14:01:21 2000

	I'm experiencing an issue with a system here that's configured as
an ipmasq gateway for several people. 

	it's a small, slimline system so my options on interfaces were
limited. It's got an 82558 on-board and I have installed an 82559 in the
available pci slot. 

	Occasionally the 82558 will appear to stop talking to the network
for a few seconds. I have verified that it is not an ipmasquerade problem,
but the kernel isn't logging any errors - you simply can't get any data in
or out of the 558 for a few seconds. The 559 appears to be fine. This is
long enough to disrupt tcp sockets under windows so it's become an issue. 

	I suspect it might be an issue with the ethernet switch it's
plugged into, but I don't have evidence either way. I'm looking for the
best way to diagnose this. Traffic over this network is fairly high
(generally over 30% utilization) so it could possibly be a load issue. 

	What's the best way to go about this? I haven't yet compiled the
eepro100-diag program but I'm not afraid to do it. 


 - Eric
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