Transmit timed out error

Kallol Biswas
Mon May 1 15:51:56 2000

FYI, we used to get transmit DMA timeout and chip hang on 82559 driver 
whenever we would stress the system. Our previous design was very similar
to Donald Becker's driver, but changing the transmit path a little
all these problems have gone away. Anyway, I am thinking to help Donald
in solving the transmit timeout error permanently in eepro100.c if it
still exists.

Could some one tell me where can I get the latest eepro100.c and 


> I'm running a 2.0.36 kernel system with two Intel NICs: one on-board, on PCI
> card.  After a little bit of use (about 1082 packets in, 2118 packets out),
> I'm seeing the second interface stop working.
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