[eepro100] (problems!!) EtherExpress PRO/100 Mobile 32 bit cardbus --

Jon Oringer jon@advercast.com
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 16:44:25 -0700

I just installed Redhat 6.2 -- Im having problems getting the eepro100 32
PCMCIA cardbus to work..

any network activity after ifup eth0 causes the following message
"eth0": 21140 transmit timed out, status ...
eth0: Tx hung, 15 vs. 9

- link light on PCMCIA dongle is ON, link light on HUB is OFF
- EEPROM is reported missing..
- exclude irq 3 is commented out on /etc/pcmcia/config.opts
- my laptop is a Sony PCG-505TX

I found other questions like this on the list -- but couldn't find an
answer.. does anybody have one? or could point me to the answer?


-Jon Oringer
SurfSecret Software