[eepro100] Re: urgent question about linux driver

??? conan@linuxsecurity.co.kr
Mon, 3 Jul 2000 22:35:41 +0900

The driver is a default one which is included in RedHat6.2.
In my case, the error message comes when too much packets are bursted.
It is all right that the driver cannot handle traffic which is above certain threshold,
but the problem is that the driver got intermitted and cannot handle any traffic 
when the threshold is reached.

Beside that... can I get more infomations about the meaning of the options I tried ?
"max_interrupt_work=800 rx_copybreak=10 "
What happens when 'max_interrupt_work' increases ?
What's the meaning of 'rx_copybreak' ?

Anyway I'm glad to hear that you are working on the solution.

Best regards


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> On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 11:40:08PM +0900, ??? wrote:
> > I'm very sorry for my somewhat wrong infomation from my previous mail.
> > I've tested more options and got some different result.
> > 2.2.14 got the similar result to 2.0.36 when I configured some options.
> > bi-directional test also got the similar result to uni-directional test, too.
> > 
> > (below is in 2.2.14 kernel:)
> > The default eepro100 module reported "Too much work at interrupt..." and 
> > "card reports no resources" and could not send or receive any packets.
> > After I reloaded the module with "max_interrupt_work=800 options=0x30,0x30
> > rx_copybreak=10 ", the driver worked well.
> > But It still reported "card reports no resource" and stop to work sometimes.
> Judging from the message "card reports no resources", you use a driver newer
> than in 2.2.14.  In any case, "no resources" is a real problem, and I'm
> working on the solution.
> Best regards
> Andrey V.
> Savochkin