Kernel 2.2.1* + the 1.09t driver = stability
Wed Feb 23 16:15:20 2000

> > Maybe it's just me, but I have to say that 1.09t crashed in all my tested
> > servers under VERY HIGH TRAFFIC load after several hours.  No flames please,
> > this is just a friendly warning.  I have yet to check out the drivers
> > modified by Andrea S.
> No its not just you, I got hard crashes (ie blank screen, no response to Magic
> sysreq etc) using this driver as well, it wasn't doing anything particularly
> high in network load either.
> Still, I've only got 1 machine using the Intel card now, the others have been
> upgraded to SMC cards, for which I have had less problems.

I have been running 1.09t for over two months now, on four loaded 
machines, with no failures at all. Might be instability with a particular
variant of the chipset.


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