Kernel 2.2.1* + the 1.09t driver = stability

Mark Hagger
Wed Feb 23 03:51:36 2000

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Keith Chau wrote:
> Dear all,
> Maybe it's just me, but I have to say that 1.09t crashed in all my tested
> servers under VERY HIGH TRAFFIC load after several hours.  No flames please,
> this is just a friendly warning.  I have yet to check out the drivers
> modified by Andrea S.
> Good luck.
> Keith

No its not just you, I got hard crashes (ie blank screen, no response to Magic
sysreq etc) using this driver as well, it wasn't doing anything particularly
high in network load either.

Still, I've only got 1 machine using the Intel card now, the others have been
upgraded to SMC cards, for which I have had less problems.

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