Jonathan Nicholson jjn@sanger.ac.uk
Thu Oct 28 11:15:29 1999

I don't know if any body knows of these boxes. They are a Network
Computer, which runs a linux kernel off a flash image.

They have a Intel 82557 PCI ethernet adaptor on board.

They run a kernel version 2.0.35 (urg!).

I've got an interesting problem, up to last week they were connected to a
10Mb ethernet hub and everything was working fine. Now they are connected
to a Fore ES3810 (ATM <-> Ethernet bridge/switch thingy), now the box
works OK for about 5 minutes and then will freeze for approximately 10
seconds and then start working again.

Looking at the device stats from /proc/net/dev there are a lot of
collisions (>1000) which I would not expect as the device is in a switch

Any help or tuning advice appreciated...



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