I need eth0 and eth2 but not eth1

Federico Figueroa C. ffiguero@ns.isi.ulatina.ac.cr
Wed Oct 27 10:51:27 1999

        I have two Intel NICs and another network card that is a satelite
reciever, and I need one of the Intel to be eth0 and the other to be eth2
because the sat reciever works only as eth1 because of the software (not
free software). I alredy try with the
"append= ether=10,0xdc00,eth0 ether=9,0xdc80,eth1 ether=11,0xd880,eth2"
line in the lilo.conf, but it seems that the driver doesn't like this and
make the two intel NICs as eth0 and eth1 so the sat became eth2 and then
the software doesn't work.  Can somebody tell me a way to tell the Intel
NICs who to be... if there's any...

Please cc me the answer, I'm not on the list yet...
Thanks In Advance

Federico Figueroa 
	Information Service Provider Wireless
	San Jose, Costa Rica