Monkey boy needs help! Transmit timed out:...

Gisli Ottarsson
Tue Oct 26 00:36:30 1999


I had been unable to find the csr0 variable in tulip.c:v0.89H.
However, per your earlier suggestion I upgraded to tulip.c:v0.91,
where this variable is prominently featured.  I modified

#elif defined(__i386__)
static int csr0 = 0x01A00000 | 0x8000;


#elif defined(__i386__)
static int csr0 = 0x01a04800;

which I hope is correct.  Unfortunately, no cigar.  Still unable to
ping anything.

In case it matters, I also tried going into the BIOS setup and turning
off the bus-master setting on the PCI slot in question.  Again, machine
booted cleanly (something it would not have done with eepro100 with
bus-master off) but still a dead ping.

I would repeat the tulip-diag output, except it looks unchanged.

Any other suggestions.  Long shots are welcome.  Do I go back to
eepro100?  I am perfectly happy leaving it in my other machine.

Thanks again.


>>>>> On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:54:47 -0400 (EDT), Donald Becker said:
  DB> On 25 Oct 1999, Gisli Ottarsson wrote:

  >> Is there any chance I could accomplish this with a monolithic kernel?
  >> Could I make some simple code change to tulip.c to get the same
  >> effect?

  DB> Yes, change the initialization of the variable "csr0".
  DB> It's near the top of the file, and documented (!).