Monkey boy needs help! Transmit timed out:...

David Cake
Mon Oct 25 04:33:21 1999

>  The frequently repeated suggestion to set the value of
>  multicast_filter_limit to 0 or 3 was tried (by editing eepro100.c)
>  but this did not affect my problem.
	This solved my first set of problems (the card not working when I
turned appletalk on) fine, but did not solve the Transmit problem.

	I have managed to get a moderately working setup by using 1.091 and
setting txdmacount to 0. When I do this, I do get Transmit timed out
errors, but then the card immediately resets itself and becomes usable
	I was only getting the transmit timed out errors irregularly,
though - I usually got them at some random point several days after
startup, often at low traffic times like weekends.

	I have to thank "Hanno Stockhausen"
<> for this solution.
	I am using a very different machine, though - using 2.2.3 on a PII,
with a dual eepro 100 setup for a firewall. Only eth0 gets the problems,

	Haven't tried 1.091r yet. Is it worth the trouble?