Delaying eth0 initialization

Donald Becker
Sun Oct 24 01:22:37 1999

On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Matthew Kea wrote:

> running, which is detected as being eepro100 compatible.  Actually the card
> is an IBM 100/10 Etherjet PCI, which has a i82557 rev.2 chipset.  The card
> works flawlessly in windows.  Also in the KDE system information I pull up

Check that six byte the Ethernet station address is correct (matching the
Windows value, or the value printed on the card).  You will need an updated
driver if it is not.

> the PCI info and see the card with I/O 0xb000 and Irq 10.

You shouldn't need to know this information.

> I have a cable
> modem connection to the internet and know all my DNS, gateway, IP
> information etc.

If the station address is wrong (above), you'll have to reset the cable
modem before it will respond to the different station address.

> I have been using linuxconf to attempt to configure the device.  I entered
> the I/O and irq information as well as the default gateway, DNS, Subnet

Noooooo.  You should never enter the I/O and IRQ for PCI cards.

Donald Becker
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