Delaying eth0 initialization

Matthew Kea
Sat Oct 23 21:54:01 1999

Finally frustrated with the Microsoft era I have installed Redhat 6.0 on my
computer.  However I have not been able to get my network card up and
running, which is detected as being eepro100 compatible.  Actually the card
is an IBM 100/10 Etherjet PCI, which has a i82557 rev.2 chipset.  The card
works flawlessly in windows.  Also in the KDE system information I pull up
the PCI info and see the card with I/O 0xb000 and Irq 10.  I have a cable
modem connection to the internet and know all my DNS, gateway, IP
information etc.

I have been using linuxconf to attempt to configure the device.  I entered
the I/O and irq information as well as the default gateway, DNS, Subnet
mask, and usual IP that I am assigned in windows.  Whenever I try to
activate the changes I get an error that network start took over 15 secs.
Now when I boot I get and error when starting eth0 that it is "Delaying eth0
initialization".  What would be my first step to addressing this problem??

Any PC without networking is completely useless.  I would appreciate any
help anyone can offer so I can make my first step into linux.  Linux without
networking is quite useless.

Thanks in advance,