Monkey boy needs help! Transmit timed out:...

Gisli Ottarsson
Sat Oct 23 18:56:36 1999

Hallo Bernd:

Thanks for sending me

  eepro100.c:v1.09r2 10/15/99

Unfortunatly, the driver does not solve the problem I described.  The
behavior is subtly different from what I descibed in my earlier post,
but the effect is the same.  One of the main differences is that I
start seeing the "Transmit timed out" messages as soon as I give the
'ifup eth0' command, whereas earlier the messages didn't start
appearing until I started to ping.  Also, the status on the timeout
is 2050.

To my untrained eye, it looks like the main problem is evidenced by
the message from 'eepro100-diag -f -a' that

  The transmit unit state is 'Suspended' 
  The receive unit state is 'Ready'

How can I move the transmit unit from a 'Suspended' state?

Thanks again