Module question - please help

Scott Tyson
Tue Oct 12 17:05:14 1999

Someone please help me here -

I have read all the docs form Donald's WebPages and I cannot determine
how to get my redhat conf.modules setup properly for my server.
The modules help page is a bit old (referencing linux 4.2).    I do not
want to use autosensing because the switch is older and defaults to
10baseT half Duplex.  I'm asking this to the list because I get one shot
at getting this correct because I do not have console access to the box
so if I screw up the module I wont be able to  ssh in to fix it.  If I
were in front I'd just hack at it until I got it correct.

Here is what I think I need for 10baseT full duplex:
alias eth0 eepro100
options eepro100 options=0x50 debug=1

Or following the web page's instructions I would  use this???
alias eth0 eepro100
options eepro100 full_duplex=1 debug=1

Please someone help.

Thanks a bunch