'Me too' on the transmit timeout, also need 1.05 driver

Osma Ahvenlampi oa-lists@spray.fi
Fri Oct 8 11:25:16 1999

Peter T. Breuer <ptb@it.uc3m.es> writes:
> > I have been running a few machines with eepro100's (8559 chipset) for
> > several months with no apparent problems.
> I also have not many problems nowadays on most machines that use them
>  ... running the standard 2.0.36 kernels with, it seems,
> eepro100.c:v0.99B 4/7/98. The MTBF on my machine (a PII450) is longer
> than that between power cuts (about 50 days). But I am limiting multicast
> filtering AND I myself am on a 10BT net. 

I don't have any problems with the eepro100's I run on Linux after I
apply the multicast filter workaround. I have several Dell systems
with eepro100 devices running 2.2 kernels (some of them used to run
2.0 kernels) with uptimes currently over a month, without a single
network-related problem. Most of them run xntpd and netatalk (so
there's multicast traffic) and are on 100baseT network.

I haven't tried new drivers, since with multicast_filter_limit=3, the
systems are entirely stable and I don't want to "fix" something that

Osma Ahvenlampi