eepro100 bug

Brian Ristuccia
Wed Oct 6 19:37:31 1999

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 07:26:53PM -0400, William R. McDonough wrote:
> This is the 3rd time I have seen this.
> I've seen it twicce, BrianR saw it at least once.
> All of a sudden, my eepro100 port built into my motherboard decides to ack
> like a 9600 baud modem.
> I rebooted the first time it happened.
> BrianR unloaded and reloaded the eepro100 module when it happened to him.
> Well I'm in Portland Oregon, so reloading the module is not an option.
> I had to reboot.

What about /etc/init.d/network down ; rmmod eepro100 ; insmod eepro100 ; /etc/init.d/network up?

> Any thoughts?  Is this a kernel issue or perhaps a it's the module?

Pretty sure but not positive it's a problem with the reciever on the card
getting drunked. 

Perhaps the people on the eepro100 list can shed some light. 

Brian Ristuccia