Kernel 2.2.x/eepro100 v1.09t no Transmit Timeouts but Oops instead

Mark Hagger
Wed Oct 6 10:54:19 1999

I've just been trying the latest eepro100 driver, under high network traffic
load, which used to generate Transmit Timeouts in earlier versions of the
driver, I now get machines crashing pretty fatally instead.

I have an Oops output from a crash, which apparently started with a Transmit
Timeout and then went into a "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at
..." and then oops'ed.  However, I had to write this down by hand from the
screen so I'll type this back in, process it, and mail it out later.

I should perhaps say that it lasted much longer before crashing than previous
versions of the driver that just went into repeated timeouts.


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