Problems -- from 1.09t

Eric Holtzman
Wed Nov 17 16:25:43 1999

>I did for a while have the infamous "Transmit Timeouts" upgraded to the
1.09t as suggested
>and just for safety sake i set the multicast_filter_limit = 3. No more
tansmit time outs,
>however the system will still crash after about a 150Mb worth of transfer,
This system is
>quite a heavely used server that i have built in quite a confined space to
the small size of
>the intel cards make them ideal.
>When this system crashes, i don't get anything the screen goes blank and i
have to hit the
>restart button, with such a large HDD it can take fschk ages to come
backup. Here's this
>Pine Motherboard with SiS 530 chipset
>On-Board Cmedia 8338 audio
>Intel 10/100 Management Card
>IBM 22Gb hdd.
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I found on my home network where I use this card it seems to be a problem
with nfs under this card.  Upgrading to 1.09t helped me a bit but I still
got some timeout warnings with this new driver.  Are you by any chance
running NFS?

Has anyone else seen this odd behavior with nfs running and if you turn nfs
off the card performs fine?