Problems -- from 1.09t

Steve Gare
Wed Nov 17 13:46:41 1999


I did for a while have the infamous "Transmit Timeouts" upgraded to the 1.09t as suggested
and just for safety sake i set the multicast_filter_limit = 3. No more tansmit time outs,
however the system will still crash after about a 150Mb worth of transfer, This system is
quite a heavely used server that i have built in quite a confined space to the small size of
the intel cards make them ideal.

When this system crashes, i don't get anything the screen goes blank and i have to hit the
restart button, with such a large HDD it can take fschk ages to come backup. Here's this

Pine Motherboard with SiS 530 chipset
On-Board Cmedia 8338 audio
Intel 10/100 Management Card
IBM 22Gb hdd.

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