Compaq E100B, N100 NICs

Donald Becker
Mon May 24 18:36:29 1999

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Jason Colflesh wrote:

> The E100B model is the 82559 chipset, with the Wake-on-LAN
> option. I have also tried the previous NIC used with the 6400 EN,
> the 'N100' model which is an 82558B chipset.
> up without causing conflicts, but immediately siezes when trying
> to start the NIC.
> If any of this is ringing bells, please give me a yell. Otherwise,
> I may try poking around with the debugging tools.

It doesn't ring any bells, although I don't have i82559 here to test with.
The i82559 has been reported to work on other machines.

Donald Becker
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