Compaq E100B, N100 NICs

Jason Colflesh
Mon May 24 15:39:41 1999

Okey, so I fired off my first query a little hastily. Here's
a more-informed question:

The E100B model is the 82559 chipset, with the Wake-on-LAN
option. I have also tried the previous NIC used with the 6400 EN,
the 'N100' model which is an 82558B chipset.

Both of these adapters are seen by RedHat 6.0 as EtherExpress Pro
cards, and both sieze the box when eth0 is attempted to start.
I've tried the NICs with and without the Wake-on-LAN hooked up.

As I said before, the eepro100 driver as module can be loaded
up without causing conflicts, but immediately siezes when trying
to start the NIC.

I'm suspicious that Compaq did some diddling with these NICs,
and am checking with them.

If any of this is ringing bells, please give me a yell. Otherwise,
I may try poking around with the debugging tools.

Thanks again.

Jason Colflesh                   
IT Workstation Group                                   SAP America