i82559 Chipset (?)

Donald Becker becker@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu May 6 14:16:15 1999

On Thu, 6 May 1999, Jason M . Felice wrote:

> We have some cards which were sold to us as Intel PRO/100+ cards (the online
> wholesaler we purchase from frequently drops important words from the name of
> products :(, we incorrectly figured them to be Intel EtherExpress cards. ).
> They have a chip labelled GD82559, which the driver doesn't support, it seems
> to support 82555, 82557, 82558.

The driver should "just work" with the '559.  It's not supposed to be
substantially different than the '558.  (I don't have a datasheet
or sample card to confirm this statement.)

Note: The '555 is a transceiver.  It's integrated onto the '558 and '559
chip.  Most '557 boards used the NatSemi DP83840 rather than Intel's part,
since the '840 was the only _working_ MII transceiver in the early days.

>  I assume this means:
> 1) it isn't a terrible deal to make the driver support it
> 4) It just _might_ work if I just enabled the driver to detect it ;)

I believe this to be the case.

> The exact name of the card is an Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter.

In some circles "Management" means mostly Wake-On-LAN to back up the machine
at night.

> With some advice, I'm willing to do all the work involved; although I hope it
> will not be so involved as to obtain specs from Intel.

What does /proc/pci report for the PCI Vendor and Device ID?  I had thought
that it was the same as the '557 and '558.

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