i82559 Chipset (?)

Jason M . Felice jasonf@Baldwingroup.COM
Thu May 6 13:34:59 1999

We have some cards which were sold to us as Intel PRO/100+ cards (the online
wholesaler we purchase from frequently drops important words from the name of
products :(, we incorrectly figured them to be Intel EtherExpress cards. ).

They have a chip labelled GD82559, which the driver doesn't support, it seems
to support 82555, 82557, 82558.  I assume this means: 1) it isn't a terrible
deal to make the driver support it, 2) this driver would be the natural
selection if one were to make Linux support it, 3) 82559's are apparently
fairly recent, and will become popular in Intel adapters. 4) It just _might_
work if I just enabled the driver to detect it ;)  Of course, noting the
ordeals in the source, this might be hopelessly optimistic, but...

I have checked and know for a fact that Intel ships the same drivers
for these cards as for Intel EtherExpress PRO/100+ cards.

The exact name of the card is an Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter.

With some advice, I'm willing to do all the work involved; although I hope it
will not be so involved as to obtain specs from Intel.

Questions, comments, flames?  Right now I'm just interested in someone
validating or shooting down my assumptions.  (It's been a long while since
I mucked with I/O and interrupts -- C and Assembly under DOS 5 :(  )

-Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice