eepro100 performance problems

Manfred Young
Fri Jun 18 10:20:00 1999

The original version of this card was definitely flaky at auto-negotiation.
The original card used a National Semiconductor DP83840 PHY chip; subsequent
revs of the card use an Intel 82555 PHY chip.

The 82555 does not have any auto-negotiation problems, however, as was
stated earlier, if you force one end of the cable to full-duplex, you should
force both ends.

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From: Jack Beckman <>
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Sent: Thursday, June 17, 1999 9:04 PM
Subject: RE: eepro100 performance problems

I just gotta say, I have read all kinds of e-mails and FAQs on this card and
Linux, and I couldn't get the (*&(*& thing to work well ever (and sometimes
I managed to hang Linux solid).  I swapped the board with a 3COM board in
the Win 98 client I was trying to talk to and BAM! Instant success.  I think
the combo of this board and Linux is, at least for the moment, a big loser.
For the cost of cards nowadays, unless you've got a real reason to keep
these boards (or you have a ton of them) I'd get rid of them if you're
serious about using Linux.



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